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Lunar Ariva caravan 2008 review

Lunar touring caravans 2008 review

Written by CaravanGuy on 2007-09-21

Lunar has been manufacturing touring caravans for 38 years and has established itself well within the industry as a very leightweight caravan manufacturer. Here we are going to be looking at the 2008 models of the Quasar, Lexon, Delta and Ariva to see how they compete in the modern caravan industry.

Lunar Ariva 2008 £11495

The Lunar Ariva touring caravan is the narrowest and lightest caravan in its class, as such it is a dream for the caravanner with a small car for towing however this also means there is not a great deal of space inside the caravan for storage. It has the usual modern stylings for a low end price tag but more compact.

This 2 small 2 berth caravan comes as standard with a decent sized (81litre) fridge, radio / CD / MP3 player and a swivel toilet. The shower room is shared with the toilet and washroom and as such is liable to get toiletries wet, however the most disturbing fact is that there seemed to be nowhere to hang the shower head. With no place to hang the shower head you will be expected to wet yourself, lather up and then rinse by hand, this to me is a more than a pain. Due to the shower I couldnt recommend this for long term holidays.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the internals of this 2berth budget Lunar Ariva:

Lunar Ariva 2008 Lunar Ariva lounge Lunar Ariva kitchen Lunar Ariva fridge Lunar Ariva shower Lunar Ariva washroom Lunar Ariva floor plan Lunar Ariva Spec Sheet

This concludes our 2008 Lunar touring caravan coverage from the 2007 HERCMA Caravan Extravaganza Weekend, we hope that we have helped you decide on which caravan you would like to look at with a view to buying one. Well, next up we will be rounding up our touring caravan coverage with Fleetwood, hopefully with most of the 2008 touring caravans covered we will be able to provide a buyer guide of touring caravans for our visitors pleasure.

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