How do I setup a showground?

To setup a showground for your listings you will first need to go to the ADD A SHOWGROUND page, in this form you should enter in a unique name for the showground so that you will recognise the location / contact details simply from knowing its name (this is just for your use).

The full address is very important as it will determine how easy your listing is to find and it should be the address of the item to be listed. This address is used to find the exact location of your caravan for displaying on a map and as such it is important that this is a legitimate and properly formatted address.

The contact details also should be used so that people can contact you easily, email1 will be used for an online contact form on your listings and as such is important also. If you wish to list a website relating to your caravan for sale or for hire listing you can do so using this form, however you should be aware that any website address not labelled with the correct 'http://' at the beginning will not function correctly.

Once you are happy that all details are correct you can click the 'Submit' button, now you will have added your first showground and you will be able to list all of your caravans that are at this showground.

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