How do I edit my showground(s)?

If you have a showground listed that you need to change for any reason you can do so by visiting your MANAGE SHOWGROUNDS page, this page lists all of the showgrounds that you have added to your members area. To edit any of the showgrounds you will need to click on the 'edit' button alongside the showground that you wish to edit. Once clicked you will be taken to the edit page for the shoground you have chosen.

The edit showground page is the same as the add showground page only it already has the fields filled with your information from when it was setup. To change any of these values all you have to do is click on the desired box and delete the current contents and replace with the correct values. Once you are satisfied that these details are correct simply click on the 'Submit' button to save the changes and be taken back to your 'my showgrounds' page.

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