How do I add a caravan park to your listings?

To add a caravan park you will first need to bring up the add a caravan park form by visiting the ADD PARK page. On the add a caravan park form you will need to fill in many details to ensure all details are correct. The park name will also be the title of the listing so make it concise and clear, do not try to use sales speak to entice people to view as it will get changed manually by us.

The description field is used to describe your park and its notable features, dont be afraid to explain in depth how great it is as the size limit on the description is very large, the same goes for the directions and local activities field. The full address field is very important as it is used to determine your exact position on a map for display as part of your listing so it should include your postcode as the last part of your address and have all parts of it separated by a comma e.g. Lakeside Caravan Park, Some Road, Sometown, Luncs, LU23 3PT.

The contact details part of the form is fairly self explanatory, enter in your telephone, fax and email numbers into the fields available. If you wish to have a website listed as part of your caravan park listing you can enter it into the website field of the form and be sure to enter the http:// at the beginning so if you were to link icaravans from your listing it will be and not just or

All pitch information fields should be left blank if they are irrelevant or if they apply to your site should be kept as numbers only, attempting to enter letters or symbols into these fields will result in an error being shown prompting you to change these values. To list the park facilities that are available you should tick the boxes of the facilities that apply to your caravan park.

You can add images to your park listing right away using this same form. To do so you will need to click on the browse button and select the image that you wish to be shown on your listing, you can even give the image a short description using the 'description:' field directly below the image field. There is a maximum size limit on the images and anything above 400kb will not be added to our system. If you are unfamiliar with uploading images and / or are unable to reduce the size of images you can email them to and one of our support staff will take care of this part of the process for you.

Once you are happy that all details are correct you can click the 'Submit' button to add your caravan park to our system.

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