How do I add a caravan for hire to your website?

To advertise a caravan for hire on our website you will first need to click on the link that is appropriate for your situation, i.e. if you have a statci caravan click on ADD STATIC RENTAL, if tourer click ADD TOURER RENTAL or for motorhome click ADD MOTORHOME RENTAL. From here you will be taken to the select a showground page, if you do not already have a showground setup you will need to fill in the form to link your contact details with your listing, once you have entered in your details (making sure the address is correctly formulated) click the 'Submit' button and you will be brought back to the select a showground page, on this page select the showground details that you wish to link with your rental and then click the 'choose' button.

On the add rental form you will be required to enter in the name of your listing, this will be the name of the rental in our listings so make it concise and eye catching without using all full capitals or symbols. In the description box you should write a good lengthy description that describes fully what the rental offers to any prospective hirers, the directions and the area box should be used for describing how to get to the caravan and what the area surrounding the caravan has to offer.

In the details section of the form all fields other than the make and model should be numeric only, no letters or symbols will be permitted in these fields.Any facilities that are offered by your rental should be checked.

If you want your listing to have images you can add them directly from this form by using the 'Add Images' part of the form, to do this all you need to do is click on the 'Browse' button and locate the image on your computer. If the images you are trying to add are over 400kb in size they will not be uploaded, if you are unable to reduce the size of an image you can email your pictures to our technical department at

Here you can find help on any of our listing based features as well as ways of increasing the visibility of your listings