How do I add my caravan storage company to your website?

To add a caravan storage area to our website you will first need to go to the add a storage form by clicking on the ADD STORAGE link on the left navigation links. The name field is what the storage area will appear as in our listings so make it concise and to the point but do not use over the top 'sales speak' to entice people in. Enter an extensive description of your storage area into the description box, special services description into the special services box and directions to find your site.

Pricing fields are simple, just fill in the amount of pounds in numbers (without any symbols or letters). Full address should be your entire contact address with each line separated by a comma and ending with a properly formed postcode, i.e Lakeside Caravan Park, Barlings Lane, Langworth, Lincs, LN35DF. The other contact details need entering where applicable, if a field is irrelevant then simply do not enter anything. All facilities that apply should be ticked so these will be conveniently listed on your listing page.

If you want your listing to have images you can add them directly from this form by using the 'Add Images' part of the form, to do this all you need to do is click on the 'Browse' button and locate the image on your computer. If the images you are trying to add are over 400kb in size they will not be uploaded, if you are unable to reduce the size of an image you can email your pictures to our technical department at

When you are happy that all of the information is correct you can submit the form by clicking on the 'Submit' button.

Here you can find help on any of our listing based features as well as ways of increasing the visibility of your listings