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Explorer - Buccaneer Elan 15 2008

Compass and Buccaneer Touring Caravan coverage

Written by CaravanGuy on 2007-09-16

This is where the Explorer Group gets interesting, the Buccaneer range is the Explorer Group's answer to the high end of the touring caravan market. Sadly we only had time to cover the Buccaneer Caravel and the Buccaneer Elan 15, but as you'll see they are the equivalent of two different caravans from the same range.

Buccaneer Elan 15 2008 - £15995

The Buccaneer Elan 15 is a large 2 berth and also the cheapest in the Buccaneer range. I had high hopes for this new 2008 model of the popular Elan series but found it to be very similar to a high end Elddis or Compass touring caravan but in a 2 berth model. Short of having lots of storage space in a 2 berth I had difficulty distinguishing this from a Compass Odyssey, which really is a shame as I had high hopes for this caravan.

Either way take a look at these pictures and mae up your own mind.

Buccaneer Elan 15 outside view Buccaneer Elan 15 Control centre Buccaneer Elan 15 Kitchen Buccaneer Elan 15 Lounge area Buccaneer Elan 15 Washroom Buccaneer Elan 15 Spec Sheet

As I have said above and what should be apparent from viewing the pictures above the similarities between this and a high end Compass Odyssey are uncanny, because of this I will run on to the next in our Explorer Group coverage, the Buccaneer Caravel 2008.

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